GCSEs & A-Levels

Private (and internal) candidates can sit examinations with us in almost any subject and at almost any level as offered through all major UK examination boards and by a number of other organisations.

Qualifications available at our centre include:

GCSE / IGCSE (The International GCSE)

The GCSE is a benchmark qualification available in a wide range of subjects.

The IGCSE (International GCSE) is a very popular qualification across the world and is directly equivalent to the GCSE.  The main advantage of the IGCSE is that for most subjects, there is no coursework, oral or practical assessment required – making it ideal for private candidates! It is also being adopted by an increasing number of private and state schools in the UK.


The A-Level is the ‘gold standard’ qualification and is typically split into two parts – the A/S and the A2 – most candidates complete both parts to secure a full A-Level, although many others complete just the first part to secure an A/S Level qualification.  There are a wide range subjects available as A/S and A-Levels through our college.