Functional skills

Functional Skills Mathematics/English is normally available at a variety of levels and allows candidates to show an aptitude in Mathematics/English. Paper-based examinations are normally available on a monthly basis whilst onscreen tests potentially allow for exams to be scheduled to a time and date suitable to the candidate and centre.

Functional Skills is a stand-alone qualification but is often sat as a ‘stepping stone’ to GCSE / IGCSE qualifications. They can also be sat a number of times over a relatively short time period (as opposed to GCSE, IGCSE and A-level examinations which can only be sat at date set by the examination board concerned) making re-sits, if required, straightforward.

Several candidates complete the Functional Skills Mathematics/English test at Level 1 or 2 to meet college or university entry requirements, or to meet new / existing requirements in their line of employment.